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Are you looking for Wine Cartons?

If you are someone who loves the occasional sip of fine wine or if you are truly a wine connoisseur, it is highly likely that you will have at least a few bottles of expensive wine stored away safely somewhere around your house.

Wine requires to be kept in dark and cool places for it to age properly and become refined to perfection. This is why wine should be stored properly. Wine bottles are rather fragile, and one needs to be very cautious when moving them about. You drop it, and there goes some expensive wine.

The situation described above is probably something that worries you when you are about to move your residence from one house to another. Unless the wine is correctly packed and stored, it can get damaged during packing and moving.

In order to avoid this, you can use a type of carton known as the lay-flat wine carton. Such cartons are specifically designed to hold your precious bottles of wine and make sure that they stay undamaged while moving them about.

What is a lay-flat wine carton?

A lay-flat wine carton is a carton that is made from very thick, heavyweight kraft boards. These boards are corrugated and crush resistant, meaning that your wine bottles will not be impacted in the slightest during all the moving and repacking.

These cartons come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate several wine bottles at once. The wine bottles can be laid flat on the bottom of the carton, and the cartons come with cardboard moulded pulp inserts that are 100 per cent recycled and can be inserted between the wine bottles to separate them and protect them from breaking.

These cartons are designed in such a way that you can keep wine bottles of almost any size and shape in them. The companies that manufacture such cartons subject these boxes too

heavy duty testing in order to make sure that it can withstand a good amount of pushing and pulling.

You can even use these cartons to safely store away your wine if you do not have enough space to store your wine around your house. Simply place the wine bottles in the storage and keep them in a cool, dark area.

Most lay flat wine cartons are initially subjected to heavy use by wine professionals over a period of ten years before they are re-designed for rough usage. After continuous heavy-duty use, these cartons are modified to certain standards which allow them to withstand years of transportation.

The integrity of the cardboard used in making these cartons are what matters the most. It is important to choose the right thickness and right strength so that the carton does not give out when there are heavy wine bottles placed inside. The height of the carton varies according to the type of wine bottles you prefer to store.

Things to keep in mind while packing wine bottles for shipping

Packing your wine bottles for shipping can be a tricky and slightly worrying ordeal. You need to make sure that all the bottles reach their destination safely and without a scratch. Here is a list of things that you need to keep in mind when you are packing your wine bottles.

The type of carton

As we discussed, lay flat wine cartons are best for shipping your wine over long distances. One of the most important things to check while buying a lay flat wine carton is the thickness of the cardboard.

The thicker and stronger the cardboard, the better for your wine bottles. Remember, wine bottles can be quite heavy, your carton should not collapse once you fill it with your bottles.

You can get lay flat wine cartons online or at wine storage and auction houses.

The type of inserts

The next most important thing to secure your wine bottles is proper inserts. Use inserts with double thickness and make sure that they are stiff enough to keep the bottles from making contact, should there be sudden movements. The inserts should have the appropriate height and width.

The type of padding

It is always smart to wrap your wine bottles in padding in order to add that extra measure of safety. However, refrain from using loose foam or packing peanuts that are bio-degradable as they can compromise the integrity of the label on your wine bottle.

Instead, you can scrunch up some newspaper and use it as padding. Do not wrap the wine bottles with a newspaper in order to avoid damaging the labels. The best material to use to wrap your wine bottles is acid and chemical-free tissue paper.

An important tip to keep in mind is to refrain from shipping wine during extremely hot weather since it may compromise the quality of your wine.

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